Docker Compose

The MoneroPay repository contains docker-compose.yaml which is a complete setup of MoneroPay + PostgreSQL + monero-wallet-rpc.

Create the .env, docker-compose.override.yaml files from the .env.example, docker-compose.override.yaml.example and configure it.

cp .env.example .env
cp docker-compose.override.yaml.example docker-compose.override.yaml
vim .env
vim docker-compose.override.yaml

Create the data directory and add your wallet files.

mkdir -p data/wallet
cp wallet{,.key} data/wallet
chown -R 1000:1000 data/wallet # change owner to prevent permission errors

Docker compose configuration expects the wallet key file to be called wallet.key. You can choose to rename your wallet key file or change the name in the docker-compose.yaml file.

Bring it up.

docker compose up -d


Running MoneroPay without Docker.


  • Go compiler
  • PostgreSQL server (and an empty database)
  • monero-wallet-rpc server
  • A Monero wallet (view-only or full)


git clone
cd moneropay
go build

Now MoneroPay help page can be checked via ./moneropay -h